Have you ever been told that you need most or all of a tooth removed? It used to be that drilling away a large amount of the tooth’s structure was the only way to resolve cavities and decay. Today, there are additional options for fixing a variety of problems such as missing teeth, broken teeth and cavities.

Using a biomimetic approach to dentistry, we are able to conserve much more of the natural tooth when performing a restoration. Not only does this result in a more comfortable procedure in the short-term, but it also ensures your filling will last a lot longer, too.

Such outcomes are possible due to advanced science into the pulp, or living part of the tooth. Keeping the pulp healthy means less visits back to the dentist. Through the use of specific materials and a layered placement technique, we keep restored teeth functioning just as natural teeth would. The biomimetic approach is safe and effective because it considers the tooth structure in its entirety.

In turn, our conservative approach to dentistry results in very aesthetically pleasing smiles. Although health is our first priority, we love to see the confidence boost a restored smile gives our patients.

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