Recent advancements in the science of Biomimetic Dentistry allow us to conserve teeth and create healthier restorations that last our patients decades. When possible, I use air abrasion instead of a drill to remove small amounts of decay. Air abrasion functions like a microscopic sand blaster that separates precise amounts of diseased tooth. This makes dental fillings much more comfortable for the patient and allows you to keep more of your natural tooth! In many cases I can avoid placing a crown through the use of biomimetic restoration materials and techniques. These before and after photos are of a recent patient. I replace amalgam (silver) fillings with materials that look and function just like natural teeth. When performing a biomimetic restoration, a detailed layering technique is applied to compliment the biological structure of the tooth for optimal health and function. Biocompatible materials coupled with this detailed placement process allow for easy cavity detection and long-lasting strength. When a crown is necessary, I partner with handpicked dental laboratories to achieve beautiful, natural looking teeth. A well-designed and produced crown will match the rest of your smile perfectly. Often times a dental restoration case turns into an opportunity to give the patient a whole new smile. Do you have questions about Biomimetic Dentistry? Contact us at 805-318-3189 to learn more. We’re here to help!