Biomimetic Dentistry is a perfect fit for my practice because it relies on only the best and most effective materials plus the detailed craftsmanship to apply those materials in the most beneficial way. My post-graduate work studying Biomimetic Dentistry has been focused on mastering the use of these materials and techniques with the maximum benefit to my patients in mind.

My goal with a biomimetic procedure is for my work to match as closely as possible to the natural qualities of your natural tooth. This biomimetic principle highly lessens the chances of infections leaking into the tooth through fractures. These sorts of problems with traditional dentistry lead to infections and root canal procedures. One of the keys to preventing this root canal cycle is choosing and using materials and adhesives that match your natural tooth enamel and dentin when creating a filling or restoration.

My goal is to create a bond and seal between your natural tooth and the restoration that is as strong as possible, even as strong as your natural tooth. To truly be that strong, the seal and materials must hold but also flex like the natural materials in your tooth. Only this way can the restoration mimic nature, which is what Biomimetic means.

We educate our patients that there is a difference between the traditional approach and biomimetic dentistry. My biomimetic patients don’t have to worry about the high probability that a traditional dentistry filling will lead to an infection, crown or root canal procedure.

If you have questions about how biomimetic dentistry can benefit you or your family, please contact me today to chat about it.