We have adopted the practices of Biomimetic Dentistry into our practice because it aligns perfectly with some of our core values as a practice. We believe in a conservative, detailed approach to dentistry that uses the most advanced sciences to create the longest lasting results.

Through the use of new sciences and technologies, Biomimetic Dentistry focuses on conserving the tooth. The tooth’s natural structure is your best defense against infection and disease. However, if the need arises to fill a cavity or to restore a tooth, there is a chance that the dental work to fix the problem may one day lead to even more dental work and possibly bigger issues. This is called The Root Canal cycle. In traditional dentistry, tooth structure is drilled away to make room for a fill a cavity. Reducing the tooth with drilling and then repairing it with materials that will give way under the stress of years of chewing can lead to spaces in the dental work that open the tooth to infection. Such infections easily cause the need for a root canal procedure, then a crown. Had the filling been treated with a biomimetic approach, the odds of infection penetrating the tooth are vastly lowered.

Fine measurement under high magnification, non-invasive treatments for teeth and use of the latest most resilient materials are important parts of Biomimetic Dentistry. Biomimetic Dentistry can restore teeth that would otherwise need extraction. It eliminates sensitivity and prevents unnecessary root canals. This dental philosophy is an ideal fit for our dental practice that focuses on fine details and craftsmanship.

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Biomimetic Cases