Your smile is your most important feature. Your smile is your first and lasting impression. That is why so many people have questions about what cosmetic dentistry can offer them.

In my practice we get many inquiries about cosmetic dentistry, we offer porcelain veneers, crowns and teeth whitening to create the beautiful smiles for our cosmetic patients. For cosmetic crowns, we partner with the very best dental laboratories to create beautiful, natural looking teeth. A well-designed, well-produced porcelain veneer will blend in with the natural teeth, matching the rest of your smile flawlessly.

All of our crowns are created by highly-skilled lab technicians and master ceramists that Dr. Blake has selected personally. For crowns, we do not use in-office milling. These machines are said to be convenient, quick and high tech. The reality is that they are cost cutters and the outcome is severely compromised when you compare to restorations made by ceramists with decades of experience. The quality is not only apparent in the presentation, but in the crown’s longevity. Simply stated our crowns last for decades versus years.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, please contact us today for a consultation. Call 805-318-3189.

Cosmetic Cases

Patient CM, age 41 – CM had irregular tooth color, extensive decay and failing dentistry. Problems resolved with 6 porcelain crowns in just two visits four weeks apart.

Patient EH, age 25 – EH had excessive wear of front teeth due to grinding and erosion. Problems resolved with 4 porcelain veneers in just two visits four weeks apart.

Patient FM, age 65 – FM had worn and chipped front teeth. Problems resolved with 2 porcelain veneers in just two visits four weeks apart.

Patient MS, age 43 – MS had aged bonding with discoloration. Problems resolved with 1 porcelain veneer in just two visits four weeks apart.

Patient ML, age 44 – ML had attrition due to bruxism and grinding. Problems resolved with 10-months Invisalign orthodontic alignment followed by 6 veneers.

Patient DC, age 53 – FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION – DC had severe attrition and failing old restorations. Problems resolved in multi-phased interdisciplinary treatment consisting of restoration of vertical dimension, 4 implants, and replacement of crowns. Total treatment time of 18 months.