The introduction of dental implants is one of the most significant developments in dentistry in year. With dental implants, we are able to replace a single tooth or an entire arch and replicate the function and appearance of your natural teeth. Dental implants are the standard of care for missing teeth. As opposed to dentures, an implant is anchored into the jaw, like a tooth with a root. With an anchored implant, the chewing motion prevents the jawbone from atrophying, causing the sunken-faced look common to people who have not replaced lost teeth.

Dental implants combine the best of modern science and technology, requiring a team approach. We work with the most experienced surgeons and lab technicians when we place implants. The surgeon places the implant and the lab technician fabricates the abutment and crown.

In our practice, we always use custom abutments instead of cost cutting stock abutments. The reason we don’t use stock abutments is because the interface or the seam between the implant and abutment is buried deep below the gum line and harbors harmful bacteria and cement. This can lead to implant failure. Custom abutments follow the unique contour of each individual implant that helps prevent failure and improves esthetics.

With our dental implants, patients get a perfect fit and their teeth will look and feel as good, or even better, than your original teeth. Call 805-318-3189.

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Implant Cases

Patient BC, age 28 – BC had numerous broken down teeth. Problems resolved with 10 dental implants and implant crowns. Restorative treatment four appointments over eight weeks.

Patient AS, age 71– AS had a non restorable root fracture. Problems resolved with dental implant and implant crown. Implant placement 3 months healing. Restorative treatment two appointments four weeks apart.

Patient DC, age 53 – FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION – DC had severe attrition and failing old restorations. Problems resolved in multi-phased interdisciplinary treatment consisting of restoration of vertical dimension, 4 implants, and replacement of crowns. Total treatment time of 18 months.